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What Are WellSpots?

Part of the Well-Ahead Louisiana campaign is the designation of places and spaces making choices and changes to make it easier for Louisiana citizens to live well. Once designated, these environments are called Well-Spots.

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Well-Ahead Louisiana is a campaign started by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals aimed at improving the health and wellness of Louisiana citizens. Well-Ahead Louisiana promotes and recognizes smart choices in the spaces and places we live and work every day that make it easier for us all to live healthier lives, from going tobacco-free to ensuring healthy lunch options or supporting workplace fitness programs.


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Tobacco Free

The number of adult smokers in Louisiana could fill 8 Tiger Stadiums.  Tobacco free environments are a critical component of healthy environments.  To learn more about implementing a tobacco free policy, click here…

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Healthy Eating

We all know we are supposed to eat our fruits and vegetables, but with the great food culture in our state, sometimes those choices are hard to make.  To learn more about how to create supportive healthy food environments, click here…

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On the Go!

Whether you are at the gym or taking the stairs at work, the more you move, the better you feel.  Organizations across the state have the opportunity to get everyone in Louisiana up and moving.  To start your organization’s journey toward better health, click here…

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The Well-Ahead initiative is all about big organizational change and leaders across our community voluntarily taking manageable steps toward health promotion.  However, individual change starts with you.  To learn about creating a healthy and balanced home, click here…

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Well-Ahead Louisiana created this set of public service announcements to show just how easy and attainable becoming a WellSpot can be. To view the videos click the button below. For more information on becoming a WellSpot visit our WellSpots page.

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