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Innovative Team-Based Care: Integrating a Pharmacist within a Primary Care Team

It is no secret that healthcare is evolving towards value-based services and team-based care.  One strategy to accomplish team-based care is to integrate a pharmacist within a primary care team.  According to the Journal of American Pharmacists Association, this is proven to improve medication adherence and therapeutic outcomes, which ultimately reduces healthcare costs.


In the Spring of 2016, our Healthy Hearts team partnered with the Louisiana Society of Health System Pharmacists (LSHP) to disseminate a survey that gauged interest in team-based care.  As a result, a partnership with Ochsner Clinic Foundation developed.  Together,  we designed and implemented a pilot that integrated a  pharmacist within a primary care clinic.  This pharmacist provides adherence counseling, medication reconciliation services, and evidence-based medication recommendations to patients and primary care staff. This pilot has created a model for pharmacist driven disease state management clinics. We hope to use it to encourage similar practice transformations in health systems across Louisiana.


In May, our Healthy Hearts team and the Ochsner Clinic Foundation presented the pharmacist pilot at LSHP’s Annual Meeting. The presentation was successful, inspiring several Louisiana health systems to integrate team-based care. 


Did You Know?

  •  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 1 in 3 adults have high blood pressure. 
  • Only about half have their high blood pressure under control. 
  • More than 39% of Louisiana residents report having high blood pressure. (CDC, 2017)

Moving Louisiana’s Health Forward

Team-based care helps to improve treatment for Louisiana residents diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes. Are you interested in incorporating team-based care in your clinic? Are you passionate about chronic disease management and prevention innovation? Together, we can move Louisiana’s health forward.  Email to learn more.