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Diabetes Prevention Programs Soon To Be Covered By Medicare!  

The American Diabetes Association estimates that 37.5% of the adult population in Louisiana has prediabetes.  Prediabetes is a condition in which blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough for a diagnosis of diabetes. Prediabetes increases the risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes.  However, being diagnosed with prediabetes does not guarantee an individual will develop type 2 diabetes. Prediabetes can often be reversed.  

When individuals join a National Diabetes Prevention Program, commonly referred to as DPP, the onset of type 2 diabetes is often prevented or delayed.  The program can also lower the risk of having a heart attack or stroke, improve health overall, and increase energy levels.  Most importantly, DPPs teach healthy lifestyle habits.  National Diabetes Prevention Programs are evidence-based, developed and maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Recently, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) ruled that, beginning in 2018, Medicare will reimburse beneficiaries for participation in Diabetes Prevention Programming.  This is a great opportunity for preventative care for residents over 65 in our state!  For more information on the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP) Expanded Model, click here.  

Well-Ahead Louisiana is developing resources that will support healthcare providers in making Medicare claims.  These resources will be available soon!  For additional information, be sure to check out the links below. 

  • To learn more about prediabetes, click here.
  • To learn more about the National Diabetes Prevention Programming, click here.  

Did You Know?

  • Louisiana currently has nine Diabetes Prevention Programs. Click here to find a DPP near you!


Does your organization work to improve the health and well-being of residents in your community? Becoming a CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention Program site is a great way to expand your reach in the community.  Help us move Louisiana’s health forward.  Email to learn how to become a DPP site today!

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Giving Diabetes the Boot

In April, the Well-Ahead Louisiana Diabetes Program worked with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors to host a diabetes prevention state engagement meeting in Baton Rouge.


The first day of the meeting served as an educational session that focused on raising awareness of prediabetes and the National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP).  There were four topic areas related to prediabetes and diabetes prevention programs: 1) increasing awareness of prediabetes in Louisiana communities, 2) increasing the number of diabetes prevention programs in Louisiana, 3) increasing coverage (reimbursement) for such programs, and 4) increasing the number of healthcare providers that screen for prediabetes and then refer people with prediabetes to diabetes prevention programs.   The first day was filled with national and state level presenters with over 100 stakeholders in attendance.  The evaluation of the meeting was overwhelmingly positive. 


The second day served as an action planning session.  Participants broke into four work groups with each group drafting goals and activities for one of the four topic areas listed above.  The notes from these sessions were used to draft an Action Plan to Reduce Diabetes in Louisiana. Going forward, this Action Plan will inform the activities of the Well-Ahead Louisiana Diabetes Program and the Louisiana Diabetes Collaborative.  This Action Plan is extremely valuable because it uses the opinions, experiences and visions of key Louisiana diabtese stakeholders. 


In September, Well-Ahead will host an event to unveil the Action Plan. All attendees will be invited to join. 


    • According to the American Diabetes Association, 1.27 million adults in Louisiana have prediabetes, although 9 out of 10 aren’t aware of their diagnosis.
    • The CDC estimates that if someone with prediabetes attends a diabetes prevention program (DPP) and makes healthier lifestyle choices as a result, they can cut their risk of developing diabetes in half.
    • Louisiana’s rate of diabetes places us 5th in the nation – only 4 states have a higher prevalence rate!


The Well-Ahead Diabetes Program works to increase awareness of and access to Diabetes Prevention Programs and Diabetes Self-Management and Education Programs across the state.  There are currently eight diabetes prevention programs in Louisiana.  Within the next year, we hope to double that!  WellSpots raise awareness of prediabetes and diabetes among their employees by promoting the prediabetes risk test.  WellSpots also  encourage employees to attend a health screenings and talk to their healthcare provider about prediabetes.  Are you passionate about diabetes prevention? Partner with us to move Louisiana’s health forward! Email to learn more.  Together, we can prevent diabetes.