Wellspot Location Details

Baton Rouge Community College Westside Plaquemine
WellSpot Type: College or University
WellSpot Level: Level Three
Address: 25250 Tenant Road, Plaquemine, LA 70764
Phone Number: 225-216-8503
Website: www.mybrcc.edu

Smoke-Free Site

A smoke-free policy bans smoking of any kind on the property, including but not limited to: cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and electronic cigarettes. The policy should cover the entire property.  A smoke-free policy is a great first step toward gradually shifting to a tobacco-free environment. 

This WellSpot has implemented a smoke-free policy.

Tobacco-Free Site

The foundation for WellSpot designation is centered on tobacco-free environments.  A tobacco-free policy prohibits use of all tobacco products on an organization’s property.  This includes tobacco in all forms, as well as any type of smoking device.

This WellSpot has implemented a tobacco-free policy.

Tobacco Cessation Coverage

To meet this benchmark for WellSpot recognition, an organization’s employee health plan must cover tobacco cessation counseling and/or medications, including nicotine replacement therapies.

This WellSpot offers tobacco cessation coverage as part of its health plan.

Student Health and Wellness

College and University WellSpots are required to offer at least 3 health promotion and/or wellness services to students. These services should be related to tobacco cessation, physical activity, nutrition, or mental health.  Services can include, but are not limited to: student health center offerings, recreation center, intramural sports, disease prevention classes, nutrition counseling, etc.

This College or University WellSpot offers at least 3 health and/or wellness services to its students.