Wellspot Location Details

Blaze Pizza - New Orleans - Freret
WellSpot Type: Restaurant
WellSpot Level: Level Three
Address: 5001 Freret Street, New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone Number: 504-603-2195
Website: http://www.blazepizza.com/

Staff Trained on Healthy Menu Options

Restaurant WellSpots should have staff trained to offer healthy menu options to patrons.  Staff should be knowledgeable on what healthy preparation options are available and should encourage customers to choose these options.

This Restaurant WellSpot has staff trained to offer healthy menu and preparation options.

Healthy Menu Options

To meet this requirement, restaurant WellSpots should have at least three healthy entrée options on the menu for each meal time.  For cafés, bars and coffee houses, three healthy menu options may include snack/side items, specialty beverages or food options.  These healthy options should follow the nutrition guidelines listed on the wellaheadla.com website.

This Restaurant WellSpot offers at least three healthy menu options during each meal time.

Low Sodium Entrees

To meet this WellSpot benchmark a restaurant should offer at least three entrees containing 800mg or less of sodium.

This WellSpot has at least three low sodium entrée options.

Accommodation for Dietary Restrictions/Allergies

Restaurant WellSpots are encouraged to accommodate for dietary restrictions and allergies of their patrons.  These include, but are not limited to, gluten-free menu items, pescatarian friendly menu items, and vegan entrees.

This WellSpot accommodates for the dietary restrictions and allergies of its patrons.

ServSafe Allergens Training

To meet this WellSpot benchmark, restaurant staff must have at least one staff member who is trained in the ServSafe Allergens program.

This WellSpot has at least one staff member trained in ServSafe Allergens.