What are WellSpots?

The Louisiana Office of Public Health's Health Promotion Team is working with worksites, hospitals, healthcare facilities, schools, child care centers, colleges/universities and restaurants to help them meet wellness benchmarks, like being tobacco-free or breastfeeding friendly. A place or organization that has implemented voluntary, smart changes to make healthier living easier for all Louisiana residents will be designated as a “WellSpot.”

WellSpots have demonstrated that they are committed to improving wellness outcomes.  Places and organizations that meet certain wellness benchmarks can be designated as a Level 1, 2 or 3 WellSpot.  To find out more about becoming a WellSpot, click on WellSpot Benchmarks and explore! 

Why Become a WellSpot?

By becoming a WellSpot, you're joining businesses throughout the state who are putting the health and wellness of Louisiana residents first.  You’re showing your employees that they can live well by making small, smart choices.  When the healthy choice is the easy choice, great things happen!  Employees are happier.  They miss less work.  They are more productive. And, their healthcare costs go down.  Implementing small changes like offering healthy vending options or supporting a worksite wellness program shows your team that you really care about their health.

Being designated as a WellSpot is a big accomplishment – so your community needs to know all about it!  Upon designation, you will receive a recognition certificate from Louisiana's Department of Health.  You will also receive an official WellSpot decal to display on the entrance of your business.  In addition, you will join other WellSpots in your community on our interactive WellSpot map.  Our Well-Ahead Representatives will work with you to promote your designation on social media and to the press.  You may even be featured on the Well-Ahead Louisiana social media sites!  Help us move Louisiana's health forward, take your WellSpot assessment now!

WellSpot Feature

The St. Tammany Fire Protection District #1 cares about its community. They care about safety. They also care about health. By helping their employees live well, their health insurance costs decreased two years in a row! Way to go, Chief Kauffman and staff!